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Wood Burning stove in Ughill

Wood Burning stove in Ughill

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Ughill is a small rural hamlet within the City of Sheffield in Bradfield Parish in England. It is 5 mi (8 km) west-northwest of the city centre. It stands in a lofty position at 918 ft (280 m) above sea level, on a ridge between Bradfield Dale and the valley of the Ughill Brook. It has traditionally been a farming community, but there was some mining in the area in the late 19th and 20th century. Ughill Hall was the scene of an infamous murder in September 1986. The hamlet falls within the Stannington ward of the City.

Ughill is thought to have been founded in the 10th century by a group of Norwegian Vikings with the name deriving from the Old Norse language as Uhgil meaning Uha’s Valley or Uggagil meaning Uggi’s Valley. In the Old Norse language, gil is a steep-sided valley.[1] Ughill was one of six small estates in Hallamshire named in the Domesday Book of 1086, these included the nearby settlements of Holdworth, Worrall and Onesacre. Just prior to the Norman conquest of England Ughill had developed into an Anglo-Saxon farming holding under the control of Healfdene or Aldene who was Lord of approximately 50 settlements, mainly across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk.[2] After the Conquest ownership of Ughill was taken over by Roger de Busli who was given large swathes of land across Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire for his part in the Conquest. In the Domesday Book Ughill had a taxable value of 1.8 geld units with two plough lands and one league of woodland.[3]