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Wood Burning stove in Thurlstone

Wood Burning stove in Thurlstone

Looking for Wood Burning Stoves in Thurlstone

Vesta Stoves, based in the United Kingdom Manufacture and install in Thurlstone


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Our whole range of Woodburning stoves are made in the United Kingdom and come with a lifetime warranty

Thurlstone is a village near Penistone in the metropolitan borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England.[1] Originally it was a small farming community. Some industries developed using water power from the River Don such as corn milling, wire drawing and various wool and cloth processes.[2] Most of these are now gone and only James Durrans (carbon products) and Service Direct owned by ‘Don Eddie’ remain. The village is now a dormitory for the urban areas of South and West Yorkshire. The village now falls in the Penistone West ward of the Barnsley MBC.

Its name is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, possibly referring to the god Thunor. Other sources argue that its name is taken from thirled (pierced) rock which is found at its location.[3] The nearby village Thurgoland may have a similar derivation.