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Looking for a Stove Installer in Tansley

Looking for a Stove Installer in Tansley

HETAS Stove installer in Tansley


Vesta Stoves not only manufacture wood burning stoves but we also install stoves in Tansley All our fitters are HETAS certified and are fully trained.

You can use our form below to get an idea on our charges

Types of stoves we install

Although we prefer to install our own stoves we do offer a nationwide supply and fit service on a whole range of stoves. Here are a few of the brands we have installed recently

  • Stovax Stoves
  • Yeoman Stoves
  • Hunter Stoves
  • Firebelly Stoves
  • Clearview Stoves
  • Dunsley Stoves
  • Esse Stoves
  • Tiger Stoves

What types of stove installation do we carry out in{3}?

We carry out all types of installations including

  • Direct connect up to existing chimney

  • Installation of twin wall flue system

  • Installation of flexible flue system

  • Full knockouts and structural work

  • Chimney sweeping and cowl repacement

  • Stove restoration and servicing

If you are interested in installing a stove then please get intouch. We will gladly chat the project through and help you choose the best stove for the project. We are fast becoming one of the UK’s leading stove manufacturers and installers and are ideally situated to install Stoves and log burners throughout the UK.



Fault finding and investigation services

we are often asked to carry out investigation work or advise on stove and chimney issues. Some of the issues that we investigate are

  • Downdraught Issues
  • Poor flue draught
  • Water ingress
  • Smoking Stoves/ issues with blacking glass
  • Chimney Fires


Fixed fee woodburning stove installation

Vesta Stoves offer a fixed fee stove installation service nationwide. our fixed fee connect up charge includes.

  • Inspection and testing of chimney
  • Installation of register plate or closure plate
  • Stove connection and testing (including HETAS certification)
  • 1 Hour demonstration of use and maintenance
  • Free extended lifetime warranty upgrade on stove and components.


Our nationwide stove installation service also has the benefit of giving you a free life time extended warranty on the stove. We also give a full demonstration on how the stove functions and answer any questions you may have on the day. The installation team at Vesta are extremely professional and usually complete the installation in 1 day. We also specialize in difficult stove installations such as conservatories or log cabins and garden rooms etc.

For information on the Hetas registered installer scheme please click here

Vesta Stoves HETAS certification

Looking to install stove in a log cabin or conservatory find out how we do it here

Should you have any queries then please email us or call 01704 821095





Tansley is a village on the southern edge of the Derbyshire Peak District, two miles east of Matlock.

Tansley is recorded in the Domesday Book as Taneslege, and its name comes from the combination of the Old English elements tān and lēah. Lēah has been translated as ‘woodland clearing’, but the tān element is contested. It may mean ‘branch’, perhaps used of ‘a valley branching off from the main valley’.[1] However, it has also been translated as a masculine Anglo-Saxon personal name, that is otherwise unrecorded. Other suggestions have been ‘sprout, shoot’, thus translating the name as ‘wood or clearing from which shoots were obtained’.[2] Tansley grew during the Industrial Revolution, its main industry being the quarrying of millstone grit (for making mill-stones, now adopted as the symbol of the Peak District National Park). A copious amount of water runs off Tansley moor above the village, eventually running into Bentley Brook, a tributary of the Derwent. Bentley Brook and three of its feeder streams have been dammed in the past to make artificial lakes which provided water to power mills. As well as five mills in Lumsdale there were also three mills in Tansley village, two of which remain having been restored for new uses. Nowadays the surviving lakes are stocked with fish for angling. The water also led to the establishment of Tansley Hydro (now Tansley House residential adult care home) when spas and hydrotherapy were in fashion and Victorian tourists came to the Matlock area for its Romantic charm. Tansley is now more famous for its many garden centres and plant nurseries, its many small businesses and its large Sunday car-boot market.