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Vesta V12 Double Sided Woodburning Stove

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The Vesta V12 12kw doublesided. Made in the Uk by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

The V12 double-sided wood burning stove is a large capacity 12KW woodburning stove designed to heat large open spaces up to 180 cubic metres and create a unique feature of flames in adjoining rooms. This cavernous stove has dual opening doors, dual air controls and a huge glass window on two sides ideal for creating ambience whilst providing economical heating throughout your home.

The design itself is a classic fusion of simplicity and technological advances. The V12 double-sided introduces a tertiary jet of combustion air into the flue gasses allowing for enhanced combustion and increased efficiency. Preheated air is also injected into the combustion zone through Vesta’s rear primary air supply. The classic curved surfaces on the V12 double-sided add style and these arcs are carried on throughout the theme of the fire. The woodstove integrates Vesta air blade technology which preheats the combustion air and delivers a blade of air across the glass panes, ensuring that the view of the flames is free from soot and condensation.


Vesta V12 Double Sided Cream woodburning stove 12kw

The V12 double-sided primarily designed for high efficiency woodburning can easily be fitted with an optional multifuel rack allowing the stove to burn smokeless fuels. Polished stainless steel accent air controls add style as well as providing accurate control of the airwash and burn rate. Secondary air supply is controlled by way of a slider at the base of the stove.

Available in a range of colours and with a range of accessories (including a log storage box) the V12 double-sided is the perfect stove for any location with a view needed from both sides. Dimensions and technical specifications available on the ‘specification’ tab.

Every stove from Vesta IronWorks contains Vesta Airblade technology to ensure that the glass is kept clear at all times creating the wonderful ambience of a real log burning fire.







Additional information

Weight160 kg
Dimensions406 x 600 x 650 mm

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Air Brick Requirement

Build Standard


DEFRA Exemption


Flue Option

Flue Outlet

Temp Under Stove

Optional Upgrades






Distance to combustibles

400mm all round. Non combustibles 100mm all round

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