Multifuel Stoves


Vesta range of Multifuel Stoves Made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

Here you can find our full range of multifuel stoves ranging from 2-12kw. All our multifuel versions are available in 17 colours. As with all our stoves they come with a standard 3 year warranty unless installed by a Vesta engineer. In that case they will have a lifetime warranty.

All vesta multifuel stoves have a grate with ashpan for easy cleaning and burn with an efficiency ranging from 78%. As with he standard log burning stoves they have a built in airwash and tertiary burn system allowing for a clear view of the flames. A stainless steel boiler can be added to our 4,8 and 12KW models giving plenty of energy to heat radiators.

As all our multifuel stoves are made in our factory in Lancashire the sizes of the stove can easily be modified to suit your requirements So please contact us if you need any modifications.

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