Double Sided Stoves


The Vesta Range of double sided stoves. Made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

Double sided stoves also known as double fronted stoves can be used to create a dramatic feature in the centre of a room or two adjoining rooms. Back to back rooms with a shared chimney breast can easily be converted into a through chimney to accommodate a double sided wood burning stove. Our stoves are designed to create a minimalist feature and maximise the view of the flames without the drawbacks of an open fire or fire basket.

double sided wood burning stove

Vesta Double Sided stoves have built in dual airwash systems to ensure you always have a clear view of the flames from both sides. Importantly both doors are fully functioning and the fire can be loaded from either side, essential for cleaning and maintenance.With a free standing double sided stove you can rest assured you are getting the most from your fuel. Unlike inset stoves freestanding double sided stoves convert all the energy produced from your fuel into heat. having free air movement around the unit ensures that all heat produced in dispersed around your space by natural convection.

double sided wood burning stove

Air controls can be operated from both sides of the double-sided range of stoves allowing for a balanced flame pattern stay clean glass. With appliances ranging from 4-12KW we produce double fronted stoves to meet the requirements of most homes. However, as with all our stoves, they are fully customisation so if you need any adjustments we will be happy to help.

Vesta V4 Double Sided Stove

If you wish to see a stove in action please come and visit the factory or call us for a local retailer.


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