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Boiler Stoves

The Vesta Range of wood and multifuel stoves with Stainless steel boilers. Made in the Uk by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

The Vesta range of contemporary boiler stoves are available in sizes 6 and 12kw and are finished in over 15 colours.  All our boilers are made from stainless steel and will not degrade and rust out over time like many mild steel boilers.


We have designed our wood burning boiler stoves to be stylish and have all the great features of our standard stoves. With large glass windows and a smooth touch feel Vesta stoves are equally a functional appliance and statement of style.

Our boiler stoves can be fitted to a gravity fed water system or connected to a fully integrated thermal store and linked up to solar panels and other water heating appliances.

Cleverly  the boiler is hidden within the walls and is not visible from the outside of the unit. This means the clean lines of the boiler stove are uninterrupted and the minimalist appearance is maintained throughout.

We understand that designing a hot water system that integrates with pressurised systems of thermal stores can be a complicated task. We have engineers on hand to helps and advise on the best practices and how to get the best from your boiler stove.

Boiler Stoves made in the UK by Vesta Stoves

Woodburning Boiler Stove
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