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Bushmaster Camping Stove 3.5kw

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The Bushmaster Camp Stove - Yurt, Bell Tent, Shed, Conservatory, Small rooms

The Bushmaster Camp Stove is perfect for Yurts, bell tents, awnings or as a free standing heater and cooker. It is light wieght  (30KG) and can be set up ready to cook within a few minutes. This makes it ideal for camping/glamping and use as an alternatove to an open fire in campsites that do not permit them. The top of the stove can be used to cook all manner of meals including pot roasts or even a full english breakfast. The Bushmaster camp stove has dual burn rate controls enabling very fine adjustment of the cooking surface temperature.






Small Stove for Kitchen

With its cooking plate on top of the stove the Bushmaster Camp Stove becomes a versatile cooking surface and can be used to boil a kettle or cook even the most delicious casserole! A fully lined and baffled firebox ensure that the stove efficiency is 79% or above. In the base of the stove is a riddling grate with an ashpan. This 3.5kW mutlifuel stove will burn easily overnight on coal or wood and comes with easy access ashpan door so that it can be run 24 hours a day.


Unlike a chimnea or firepit the Bushmaster camp stove has a cleanburn firebox. This means that bellowing smoke is a thing of the past and sure to make you the envy of the campsite.


  • Height 540mm
  • Width 330mm
  • Depth 400mm
  • Weight 25Kg 

NOTE:- This version is the outdoor camping version and is constructed in lighter materials than the indoor version of the stove.

Standing on legs the stove will cause no damage to grass or patio area and prove to be the most useful addition to any camping or glamping kit. Not a gimmick and built to stand the test of time.

Every stove from Vesta IronWorks contains Vesta Airblade technology to ensure that the glass is kept clear at all times creating the wonderful ambience of a real log burning fire. With a huge range of colours to choose from the Bushmaster camping stove can become a real part of any adventure.





Bell Tent camping - The Bushmaster Camp Stove  

We are all well aware that camping is one of the UK's biggest forms of outdoor pursuit. Nothing quite compares to a perfect sunny camping trip in the rolling hills of the lake district or a cornish seaside break. Sounds great! Right? Well it would be if it wasn't for the British weather.
The poor weather conditions amongst and loss of major home comforts has seen the increase of glamping in Yurts, EcoPods, Bell tents and all manner of upmarket off the grid escapes.
Still, when it comes down to it the weather still plays a major part in making a glamping trip comfortable. 

Bushmaster camp stove - Bringing out the best in camping.

bushmaster camping stove boiling a kettle
Portable stoves such as the Bushmaster camping stove (right) and to some extent the Frontier stove and Traveller stove have offered the glamping fraternity the opportunity to bring many of homes comforts and most importantly the romance of a fire safely into your camping trip.
The design of the Bushmaster is very different to the design of say many other woodburning stoves as there are very different requirements in both circumstances.
Home multifuel stoves such as the Vesta V4MF is designed to retain heat for long periods of time and run efficiently on a 4 or more meter flue system. The major difference with the Bushmaster camp stove is its designed to rapidly heat up and cool down allowing for quick cook times as well as cool down times when your ready to pack up and move on. It is also lightweight, made from a thinner material so that the hotplate reaches higher temperatures. However, the differences stop here. The Bushmaster contains all the technology tried and tested in our range of stoves. An airwash helps maintain a perfect view of the flames and a fully lined firebox not only ensures the Bushmaster has a long life but gives burn efficiencies of up to 85%.

Cooking with the Bushmaster Camp Stove

cooking on the bushmaster camp stove
Cooking on the Bushmaster is very simple and the built in burn rate control allows for precise temperature control of the hot plate. With heat up times of less that 10 minutes you can be cooking on wood as quicker that a charcoal BBQ.
The accompanying hotplate that comes with the Bushmaster package prevents damage to the paintwork ontop of the stove and concentrates the heat into a pan sized surface.
From a full english to a great steak the Bushmaster will not disappoint Unlike other campstoves the Bushmaster's large glass window allows the user to keep the fire burning at optimal efficiency..
The Bushmaster will boil a kettle with ease and is even available with a hot watrr tank to ensure you have a constant supply of hot water at any point of the night or day.

How to keep your tent warm overnight.

The Bushmaster is designed just like any high efficiency stove and has a fully lined firebox. This means the Bushmaster can burn for in excess of 6 hours on a single load and can be ran 24hrs a day thanks the built in riddling grate and ashpan. We provide full flue systems to work with your Bushmaster and can offer advice on which kit you will need to ft the bushmaster in your tent, tipee or yurt. 
The Bushmaster Bell Tent flue kit
Bushmaster Bell Tent flue kit.
Loading the Bushmaster before retiring for the night and shutting down the built in airflow slider will ensure the fire remains burning through the night. Even if the fire seems to have gone out by adding a some extra fuel the stove will spark back into life ready to cook breakfast or make a morning coffee.
If you require any further information regarding our Bushmaster camping stove please call us on 01704 821095 or check out our website


Stove Specifications
Height 540mm
Depth 400mm
Width 330mm
Output KW 2.5KW nominal
Construction Steel / Stainless Steel
Finish Bead Blasted and Coated
Flue Outlet 4" / 100mm
Temp Under Stove 52 °C
Flue Option Rear or top
Fuel Seasoned Wood / Multifuel
Build Standard BS EN 13240:2001
DEFRA Exemption None
Warranty 3 Years

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