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As a small manufacturer we qualify as a ‘micro enterprise’ and as such, under EU Regulation (the Construction Products Regulation 2011, A 37/38), can certify our own products.


We conduct basic thermal testing of all our products in house, and have  our Vesta V4 stove externally tested and CE marked. These tests were carried out at GASTEC in Cheltenham, and gave us a thorough insight into the various parameters of safety and efficiency that a stove must comply with in the UK and throughout Europe (results available on request).


To submit for external testing the wide range of models that we’ve developed over the years would be prohibitively expensive for us, especially with the high proportion of custom-building that we do. It would also really limit the radical design ethos that we’ve always tried to bring to our stoves.


We have various procedures in place for constancy of performance (CNC plasma cutting of parts, jigs and templates for particular models, and regular fabrication procedures), but being able to self-certify allows us the freedom to not only continually develop new design, but also to custom-build.


To comply with Building Regulations, each stove comes with a detailed CE Declaration of Performance, signed by the business owner, Blacksmith John Stanley.