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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have listed the most frequently asked questions we are asked at Vesta Ironworks Ltd. If you have any further questions which are not covered by the product information pages or this page please contact us.

Is there a recommended supplier for fuels or logs to use with Vesta Ironworks woodburning stoves and equipment?

To get the best from your Vesta Ironworks contemporary wood burners we recommend using seasoned wood that has a moisture content below 12%. Its worth noting that water doesn’t burn so burning wet fuel will quickly cause chimney issues.

Can I fit a Vesta Stove if I do not have a chimney?

Of course! Thanks to modern technology there are a lot of options. A twin wall insulated flue system can be installed onto an outside wall that will act as a chimney system. Vesta Ironworks can design a system that will be suitable for use within your home. All our flue systems can be purchased from our online shop. You can read more about this here

What size of Vesta Stove wood burner do I need for my room?

Simply take the volume of your room in square meters and divide that value by fifteen. The answer will give you the required kW to heat the space. It is best to run a contemporary woodburner at 75 – 80% of its capacity. Because of this reason we recommend choosing the next size up of wood burner rather than a size smaller.

Does the glass on a Vesta Stove wood burner really stay clean?

All Vesta Stove contemporary wood burners are designed to keep the view of the flames clear. However (!) there isn’t a stove in the world that will burn wet wood and not show signs of tar on the glass. Providing you use the correct fuels, have proper extraction available (by use of a chimney) the glass of a Vesta Stoves wood burner will stay clear.

What are Vesta Stove wood burners made of?

Our stoves are made from carbon steel and stainless steel. Through research our materials stand up much better than castings and offer better thermal storage and efficiency. it is a common tale that cast iron stoves have a greater heat storage capacity were in fact due to the thermal mass of the modern bricks used in steel woodburners there is very little difference.

What is Vesta Air Blade technology?

All Vesta Stove contemporary wood burners carry our Air Blade technology. This is how we keep the glass from sooty deposits. Air Blade technology preheats and accelerates flue gasses across the glass window to ensure condensates do not form black patches on the glass. If your airwash isn’t functioning it can be due to a number of reasons please call us on 01704 821095 for advice.

Can I use Vesta Stove wood burning stoves within Smoke Control Zones?

Vesta Stove contemporary wood burners can only be used in smoke control zones if smokeless fuel is burned on a multifuel kit. We are currently working on this certification and although Vesta Stoves equipment meet the requirements we have as yet not invested in DEFRA exemption.

How long does it take for my Vesta Stoves wood burner to be shipped after ordering?

Normally our deliveries occur within 10 days of placing an order with us. Occasionally during the winter period we have to extend the deliveries to 3 week. We always keep our website up to date with the most current availability.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my Vesta Stoves wood burners and equipment?

All of our stocked parts for the Vesta Stoves are available to order over the telephone or directly from our online shop. If you would prefer to speak to Vesta Stoves directly please telephone our spares line on 01704 821095. If spares are ordered before 1pm (Monday to Friday) they will be despatched the same working day (with choice of delivery service). You can also buy spares from our online shop.

Love the design but need a different size?

All of our products are handmade in Lancashire. if you need a stove design thats a little different or require a special size stove then please get in touch on 01704 821095. Vesta are able to design bespoke stoves in a short turnaround and more importantly at a reasonable cost.