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Camping, Tent, and Garden Stoves

Camping, Tent, and Garden Stoves. Made in the Uk by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours


We manufacture a range of summer products including Garden Stoves and the classic bushmaster camp stoves, fired by wood that not only provide a stunning focal point but produce more heat than a patio heater at a fraction of the cost. All our garden stoves are designed and built to the same standards as our indoor appliances. Our garden stoves are perfect for outdoor catering or a special occasion and can be ready to cook on in under 10 minutes.

The Bushmaster Stove shown installed in a kitchen

the Bushmaster stove shown installed in a kitchen

The perfect addition to any outbuilding, kitchen, or conservatory with plenty of space on top to heat a kettle or slow cook a tasty winter casserole.

(patriot styling optional)

Our garden stove also make a perfect patio heater and will keep the party alive long after the sun goes down and the evening chill sets in. If your looking for a multipurpose cooking stove for the garden then we have the products available to grace your garden. 

All our garden stoves are guaranteed for 3 years so you can rest assured that they will outlive any bbq or patio heater. Fueled by wood and garden waste our garden stoves also save a packet on bbq gas and in most cases wood and garden waste can be foraged practically for free!

The Bushmaster stove used as a garden cook stove
Bushmaster stove shown as garden cook stove


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