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Vesta Stove - British manufacturer of Wood burning stove and Multifuel Stove

Wood Burning Stoves Lancashire

Wood Burning Stoves supplied and installed in Lancashire

Vesta stove not only manufacture stoves in Lancashire but supply and install our wood burning stoves throughout the North West.

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Vesta Stoves are HETAS Approved and install our stoves nationwide. For an instant online quotation please use the form below





Stoves and Flue Wigan

Stoves and Flue Supplied and installed in Wigan and Greater Manchester

Looking for a wood burner or multifuel stove in the wigan area then you have come to the right place. Not only do we install stoves but we manufacture them  here in the UK.

Areas of Greater Manchester we serve.

BlackrodFarnworthHorwichKearsleyLittle LeverSouth TurtonWesthoughton
BlackleyCheetham HillChorlton-cum-HardyDidsburyFallowfieldHulmeMoss SideNewton HeathNorthendenRingwayRusholmeWithingtonWythenshaweLongsight,
ChaddertonShaw and CromptonFailsworthLeesRoytonSaddleworth
BramhallBredburyCheadleGatleyHazel GroveHeaton ChapelHeaton MerseyHeaton MoorHeaton NorrisMarpleMarple BridgeMellorReddishRomiley
AltrinchamBowdonHaleOld TraffordSaleTimperleyUrmston
AbramAshton-in-MakerfieldAspullAstleyAthertonBrynGolborneHigher EndHindleyInce-in-MakerfieldLeighOrrellStandish-with-LangtreeShevingtonTyldesleyWinstanley

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Wood Burning Stoves Edinburgh

Vesta Stoves supply and install wood burning stove throughout Edinburgh

We supply our British built stoves throughout the whole of the United Kindom and carry out installation in and around Edinburgh

We carry out the following types of wood burner installation

  • Existing fireplace
  • Twin wall system
  • Flexible Flue systems
  • Chimneys rebuilt
  • Building rennovation and stove refit
  • Garden room and Summerhouse
  • Conservatory
  • Bothy and Logcabin
  • Double Sided Fireplaces

Areas of Edinburgh we cover

Armadale, Balerno, Bathgate, Bo’ness, Bonnyrigg, Broxburn, Currie, Dalkeith, Dunbar, East Linton, Edinburgh, Gorebridge, Gullane, Haddington, Heriot, Humbie, Innerleithen, Juniper Green, Kirkliston, Kirknewton, Lasswade, Linlithgow, Livingston, Loanhead, Longniddry, Musselburgh, Newbridge, North Berwick, Pathhead, Peebles, Penicuik, Prestonpans, Rosewell, Roslin, South Queensferry, Tranent, Walkerburn, West Calder and West Linton in Scotland.

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Stoves fitted in conservatories

Vesta Stoves are the Nations leading specialist at installing stoves in conservatories

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory in your house, you’ll know just how pleasant it can be during the summer. As the sun pours in and floods the room with light and warmth, it can be the perfect place to relax; serving as an in-between room joining the garden with the home.

But come winter, it’s a different story:

While it can still provide a relaxing place to sit, it’ll more than likely be cold. Uncomfortably cold.

Many of the heating options you have will be costly and inconvenient, but can you use a wood burner in your conservatory?

Well, it turns out you can…

stove fitted in conservatory

Stove fitted in a Conservatory

We manufacture a range of stoves that are perfectly suited to use in a conservatory. When installing a wood burner into a conservatory there a few extra considerations that must be taken into account and we have them all covered.

  • Size of the stove required to heat the space
    • We have made this easy by creating this simple form that will help you get the correct stove for the space
  • The position of the stove
    • The flue requires natural draught to work. If the flue is too close to the main house then downdraught could occur and cause the chimney to reverse. Therefore its best to site the stove as far as possible away from thr main house. Min 3 meters. If less then the flue will have to extend aove the main house level.
  • Polycarbonate or glass roof
    • Polycarb roofs can be modified on site during the normal installation of the fire. For glass roofs please contact us as we may need to have a special glass panel made to include a hole for the flue.
  • Combustible materials
    • Stoves should be fitted away from combustible materials. Normally around 400mm  Blinds, curtains and window ledges will need to be kept away from the stove area or heat shields used were necessary.
  • Installation cost for a stove in a conservatory
    • Again in an attempt to make this easy please use the caluclator below to get a instant quote.
Vesta V2 fitted in conservatory

Vesta V2 Fitted in a conservatory

Smallest Wood Burning Stove

Thanks for searching for ” Smallest Wood Burning Stove.”

Its worth mentioning that small stoves can be difficult to manage. The last thing you want to be doing it cutting all your logs into tiny pieces to fit into the firebox. We have deisnged all our small stoves to take a standard 300mm log. That is the standard logsize you would purchase from a log supplier.

The two stoves we currently manufacture falling into this catergory can be seen below

Our Smallest Wood BurnerThe Bushmaster Stove (Left) is a small multifuel stove.

The specification can be found by clicking on the image. This stove is the smallest in our range and is suitable for Yurts, Bell Tents, Canal Boats, Garden Rooms, and small homes.

Made from steel this light weight stove is perfect for portability. Many of them have been supplied and fitted into day van, caravan’s and trailers.

The Bushmaster will take a 300mm log and burn for up to 7 hours on a single load.

The Vesta V2 Small StoveSmall Stove 2kw

The Vesta V2 is our other small stove option. Sluightly larger than the Bushmaster but designed for small homes, canal boats etc. The mAx output is 3.5kw with a nominal heat output of 2kw.








Wood Burning Stoves Online

Wood Burning Stoves Available from our factory outlet Online

At Vesta we believe in giving our customers outstanding value for money as well as a personal service. This is why we choose not to sell through retailers but supply direct to you from our factory in Lancashire.

We understand that many customers also relquire an installation and this is why they mught need the assistance of a local showroom. These days there are lots of freelance HETAS fitters who will bemore than happy to install a stove that they havent supplied.

You can use our installation quick quote below to give you an idea of how much the installation will cost.


Wood Burning Stoves UK

Wood Burning Stoves made in the UK

Vesta are proud to be one of the few remaining British stove producers. We build every part of our stoves in our family business in Lancashire. Take a look at the video below to see how we make our stoves.

Many stove producers have opted to move production out of the UK for costs reasons or to maximise profits. However, we feel it is right to continue to support the British economy and keep our manufacturing based in the UK
All the stoves are manufactured in this country and show the very best of British design, craftsmanship and manufacturing heritage. We welcome our customers to our factory based in Lancashire were you will see stoves being produced as well as our factory outlet.


Contemporary Log Burners

Contemporary Log Burners

So what is a contemporary logburner? Well the words seem to used more and more these days to describe log burners with modern clean lines. Many have large unobstructed glass windows wich provide a beautiful picture of the roaring fire.


Contemporary style encompasses a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Pieces feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design. Interiors contain neutral elements and bold color, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form.

Our woodburning stove have made it onto the ideal home top 10 list of contemporary log burner. Please click the image below to view the full list.

Vesta Stove make top 10 log burner

We design all our wood burning stoves using the same prionciples. We dont like fussy designs so we try to keep it simple so that your focus is on the mesmerising flames. Our designs are unique and have been proven through many years of supply and assessment. We are not available through retailers and only sell direct through this website. We believe this gives our customers better value for money by cutting out the middleman.

Contemporary Log Burner colours

All our stoves are available in a range of colours to suit your tastes. Your can find these on Stove Colour Range our colour chart here

Contemporary log burnerContemporary logburners are perfect for modern houses and new builds and certainly make your house a home. In our opinion an open fire or log burner is a must in any home and gives a feeling of Wellbeing.




Used Wood Burning Stove

We are often contact and asked if we have any used wood burning stoves or second quality stoves that are still fit for purpose.

All our used stoves are refurbished in our factory and all seals and fire bricks are replaced.

Our selection of used wood and multifuel stoves

You can find our current stock listed within our shop pages here

Used woodburning stove



Do you need a chimney for a wood burner

We are often asked “Do you need a chimney for a wood burner?”

Well probably the news you want to hear is NO. Many new homes in the UK are not built with a chimney. Infuriating I know! Well the good news is that Vesta Can help.


You can install a wood burning stove in properties without a chimney. Vesta Stoves has designed a twin wall flue pipe system – the Vesta Twinwall range – which allows rooms without chimneys to enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove. You can even select from a variety of twin wall colours to compliment both internal and external aesthetics of your home.

We understand

Colour matched twin wall flue pipe

Colour matched twin wall flue pipe

that many customers prefer the twin wall flu system to match the colour of the stove inside the home. However on the outside a colour to match downpipes and existing exterior fitings is preferred. Many of our customer prefer the look of a black chimey pipe rather than the standard stainless steel finish


All our flues for homes with no chimney can be finished with special high temperature powder coatings that can cope well with the British weather.

Installing an insulated twinwall stainless steel chimney is the simplest, most cost-efficient flue solution. A twinwall chimney is made from rigid stainless steel fluepipe manufactured with an inch or more of insulation sandwiched between an inner and outer steel skin. Modular components of varying lengths and including bends, supports, flashings and inspection chambers, are assembled to provide a fully-integrated flue between your wood burning stove and a safe terminus above roof height. A twinwall chimney (or ‘flue’) can be installed either internally, rising up through the building and out of the roof, or it can pass through the external wall and up the outside of the building. The height of the chimney will depend on its position relative to the roof and other parts of the building.


Wood burning stove no chimney cost

This can be complicated question but we are here to help so here goes. The cost of the installing a stove with no chimney can be estimated betweeen £500-£2500 depending on the hieght of the stack and how many bends are in the system. You can get a more accurate quote by checking out our installation quick quote page 

Double Sided Stove installed with no Chimney

This V12 Double Sided Stove has been installed without a chimney


On the image you can see how we have installed this stove in a house with no chimney. If you look closely at the top of the colour matched stove pipe you can see how the twin wall flue pipe has been colour matched to the stove. This twin wall pipe carried on through the room above and exited through the roof.

This installation would normally take around two days to carry out and our team of engineeers are all HETAS registered and can help in all aspects of flue system design.



Wood burner flue through wall

In some houses it may be possible to install the Wood burner flue through a wall. This is normally when the stove is to be situated against an outside wall. Twin wall flue systems creat a natural draught so unfortunatey you cannot run the pipes horizontally. Again not an issue though see the sketch below.

Wood burner flue through wall

This is how we fit a flue system for a Wood burner flue to be installed through wall