Affiliate Guide and Terms

Thank you for showing an interest in the Vesta Ironworks affiliate program. It's completely free and enables you to earn revenue by placing a link or links on your web site which advertises Vesta Ironworks or specific products on our site. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 10%.

Please note an affiliate account is separate from a customer account. Your account will need to be approved by the shop owner before you can start earning commission on links.



Standard payment method for any commission earned is payment by cheque or PayPal.

Payments for commission can be requested on a monthly basis but Vesta Ironworks will only pay out on commission totals valued at over £40. There is no maximum to the amount of commission you can earn.

Commission will not be due for any affiliate transaction where the affiliate account holder is party to or in receipt of the order. Vesta Ironworks Ltd reserves the right to refuse to accept any affiliate order at its discretion.

Vesta Ironworks Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the affiliate scheme at any time without prior notice and no liability will arise from doing so.


How to use your generated affiliate link

Once your affiliate account has been created and approved, login to your affiliate account. You should be able to see a link with 'Affiliate Tracking' - go onto this page and a code will display similar to '5391d2711234'. This is your unique tracking code. Do not use the example code on this page. When you create a link to vestastoves add ?tracking= following your site link and your tracking number directly after the equals sign to make sure any transactions are tracked.


Without this trailing link of ?tracking=yourcodegenerated following the shop link your transactions will not be tracked, as the unique code is linked to your affiliate account. Alternatively you may also use the tool to generate a tracking link to point to a particular product in our catalogue.


Banner images for use

Here are a selection of different images for you to use on your own site as banners to link to Vestastoves.
Please get in contact if you require a custom sized banner or help and advice with adding the link to your site.

Banner size in pixels - 119 x 340
Link to image -


Banner size in pixels - 250 x 250
Link to image -


Banner size in pixels - 468 x 60
Link to image -


Banner size in pixels - 728 x 90
Link to image -